Adorele I'm The One

Adorele I'm The One


Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox



Date of Birth

17 May 2017


Black and White


Mrs Lesa Miles


Mrs Lesa Miles


Mrs Lesa Miles


Introducing Best in Show, Best of Breed and CC winning Adorele I'm The One (aka JP) - the next generation of home-bred Adorele Havanese show dogs sired from Adorele breed lines!

Born in 2017, JP is an accomplished show dog who loves to strut his stuff in the show-ring. Known for his fabulous movement, JP proved an immediate success in the show ring in 2018 - winning Best Puppy In Breed twice (Manchester and WELKS) due to his wonderful structure and showy nature.

Since then JP has won numerous accolades. Among his many achievements, JP won Best in Show and a Challenge Certificate at the 6th Havanese Club of Great Britain Championship Show (October 2021) - the Havanese 'special' show in the UK. He has also been awarded Best Dog (Bournemouth, 2021) and Best of Breed (Richmond, 2018 and SWKA, 2019).

He has also won places in the Toy Group at UK shows, including GROUP 4 in the Toy Group (SWKA) as well as Best in Toy Group (Dorset) in the UK.

JP holds a Challenge Certificate (CC) (HCGB, 2021) and four Reserve Challenge Certificates (RCC) (Wales, 2019, Bath, 2021, UK Toy 2022, Bath 2022).

JP has also been graded Excellent and well placed in highly competitive international classes at prestigious shows, such as First in the Dog Limit Class of CRUFTS 2020.

Indeed, JP's virtues have been recognised abroad. In 2019, JP reinforced his credentials internationally, winning the CAC, the CACIB and Best of Breed (BOB) accolades at the 47th International Championship Show in Rotterdam, Netherlands in August 2019, under international judge, Dagmar Klein.

JP has a current BVA eye test (October 2021).

Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox

 Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox  Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox  Adorele Fantastic Mr Fox


Keep Your Temper Caballero

INT CH Keep Your Temper Caballero INT CH Keep Your Temper Caballero INT CH Keep Your Temper Caballero




Xenia Vom Käpflesberg

Princess Anastasia At Adorele

 Princess Anastasia At Adorele  Princess Anastasia At Adorele  Princess Anastasia At Adorele


Windfall's Lightning Thief At Versailles

Versailles Dream Stealer

Adorele A Perfect World

 Adorele A Perfect World  Adorele A Perfect World  Adorele A Perfect World

Prairiwind´s Dream Maker

 Prairiwind´s Dream Maker  Prairiwind´s Dream Maker  Prairiwind´s Dream Maker


Carousel's Caramel Macchiato USA


Prairiwind's Sweet Divinity


Versailles Tanika Adorele

INT, MULTI & GRAND CH Versailles Tanika Adorele INT, MULTI & GRAND CH Versailles Tanika Adorele INT, MULTI & GRAND CH Versailles Tanika Adorele

Havalag Burning Passion

Versailles Dream Stealer

United Kingdom Toy Dog Society

'Miles Adorele I’m The One 4 years mainly black in very good coat and condition. Strong well muscled with level topline .Excellent conformation .Moved very well and showed so well! Reserve Dog CC'.

Mr Richard Haynes

Havanese Club of Great Britain Championship Show

Miles, Adorele I’m The One. 4 year old black and white male of excellent breed type and overall outline, caught my attention straight away. Head masculine, well balanced with moderate stop. Dark, almond shaped eye, correct ear set, scissor bite. Deep chest of good width, correct front assembly. Medium bone. Good length of neck and shoulder well laid, well sprung ribs. Body with substance. Typical top line which held well on the move, slight rise over the loin.

Tail loose and beautifully carried in an arch over the back. Excellent coat texture. Looked flashy on the move, but not at the expense of correct movement. He was the one on the day and I was very happy to award him the CC. DCC BIS

Dr Andrea Akkad

Bath Championship Show

'Miles' Adorele I'm The One. Black and white 4 year old with much to like. Beautifully presented and handled to show off his attributes. His immaculate coats cover a well proportioned body, A handsome head with lively expression. His front and rear were as expected, topline and tailset do not disappoint either.' RCC.

Miss Lucy Mottram

Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show

'Miles’ Adorele I’m The One. This four year old dog moved freely and with drive. Black and white and in profuse coat with correct skull and head proportions, dark almond eyes, good depth of chest and spring of rib and slight rise over the loin. Lovely breed type.' RBD

Mrs Elaine Waddington


'LD (9,2) 1 Miles’ Adorele I’m The One. This was a very strong class, top quality black and white, pressed hard for RCC, well balanced body, ideal size, profile movement very stylish, high tailset and carriage, sight rise over the loin, super head and expression, soft silky wavy coat, well presented in super condition'.

Mr A Easdon

South Wales Kennel Association (SWKA)

'Adorele I'm The One.Typical in every way, correct bone, well coated, well balanced throughout, moved soundly displaying super temperament and personality'. Toy Group 4.

Mrs Joy Jolley

Rotterdam Championship Show

'Excellent type, beautiful correct head, beautiful eyes, correct stop, excellent body construction, moves with excellent drive, lovely temperament. Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB'

Dagmar Klein

The Welsh Kennel Club

'One of the most correct movers on the day with short springy front and drive from behind. Balanced head, good pigment good ear set, enough length of neck to support head correctly. Sturdy well shaped body, level back with enough rise over the loin, firm behind, tight hare feet. Correct texture coat. Res DCC'.

Mrs E Stannard

Dorset County Canine Society

'Noticed him the moment he trotted into the ring, full of presence and attitude. Beautiful dark eye with dark pigment and scissor bite, even head with correct ear set, nice length of neck, straight forearms, level back with slight rise to loin, perfect tail carriage, correct angulation allowing this young man to show to perfection on the move definitely owning the floor, a lovely young one to watch in the near future'. Best of Breed and Best in Toy Group.

Susanna Thorne

Windsor Championship Show

'JD (5,2) Miles Adorele I'm The One: Black/white with pleasing head, correct dentition and dark eye. Well-balanced with straight front and in good coat. Correct rise over loin and good springy action on the move. Reserve Best Dog'.

Mrs Dorothy Bunting

Bath Championship Show

'Lots to like on this well presented boy, soft, silky coat and under that a very sound well constructed dog of medium bone, good hare feet, certainly moves with a spring in his step, happy to award him Reserve Best Dog'.

Mr Kevan Berry

Manchester Championship Show

'Black & White dog of correct type and proportions, already quite masculine. Nicely balanced with a sharp outline, good muzzle and dentition, moderate neck, deep chest and straight legs, well sprung ribs, good top-line, expressive tail carried in a lovely loose arch over the back. Best Puppy in Breed'.

Dr Andrea Akkad

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