Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture

Our puppies are raised the puppy culture way with lots of love and care.

Buying a puppy from a responsible breeder who really puts a lot of care and attention into the litter, not just the basics of food, worming and vaccination.

There is so much more than that. We know that from the day the puppy is born it is important to start with socialisation and making sure environmental factors are included in shaping the puppies future.

It is a known fact that genetics will play a part in terms of temperament and predisposition, but we also know that we can shape this behaviour and nurture the puppies with a certain programme of age related exercises.

We know know that environmental factors can impact on which genes are switched on and expressed, and which remain turned off and dormant- that is how our environment interacts with our genes. This process is called epigenetics.

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